It was Friday after work, and it’s been really a long week. I was home sitting on the couch, trying to enjoy my Friday movie night—just for a past time. In fact, I had no idea what to watch yet. So, my hand kept switching the channels. Stop! I told myself to stop, not to give up with the idea of my movie night. I guess I found the movie I have wanted to waste my time with. It was my all-time-favorite: Serendipity.

“Serendipity” means luck or fate that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. Simply say, finding something beautiful without looking for it. I am a firm believer in serendipity; all pieces randomly come together in one wonderful moment, when I can suddenly see what their purpose was all along. With that said, I always leave a room for serendipity or chance. Someone once said, “you need messiness and magic, serendipity and insanity. Creativity comes from time off, and time out.” And, there you go; my favorite movie was playing right in front of me.

Wasting time on your favorite movie that moves your soul is never a waste. I indeed had a great Friday movie night after all. Serendipity made my Friday, literally, and the movie even made my week. After the super stress week inundated with works, I expected nothing to watch, but it turned out to be a great Friday movie night I never dreamt of.


The following day I checked-in at Waldorf Astoria Beijing and all I can say was: I realize the profound meaning of “Serendipity”



I have to admit that I am new to Hilton, and I sort of underestimated Waldorf Astoria prior to my stay. Serendipitously, the service is seamless and the product is exceptional. Imagine what would happen when the two elements meet? The best of both worlds.


Not only does Waldorf Astoria house the amazingly marvelous products and services, but it also offers a few more things I’d like to share below.

1.   Tradition meets modernity  


The hotel comprises one main cutting-edge designed building and one gigantic traditional courtyard residences villa. They stand next to one another. To me, the level of contras on the design is sheer, but they both beautifully coexist. I feel it unique though, unlike what I saw at any other hotels. 


2.   Luxury meets local lifestyle

The hotel is located in the heart of Wangfujing area where it is very much culturally significant for Beijing City.


The minute you walk out from the back entrance of the hotel, you basically find yourself in the middle of Hutong residential area, where you will get to experience a truly local Beijinger lifestyle. You have them both. See? The best of both worlds. 



3.    Quality sleep meets play


My room type was “Double-double premier room.” It was a bit sad, though, because I had to spend the night alone and had to leave the other bed empty. The room is spacious. It is 55 sq.m. and imagine this is the entry-level room category.


What I love the most about this room is the clear demarcation between rest area and play area. The rest zone is peaceful to me with the solidly dark green wallpaper, while the play zone is equipped with 60-inches smart TV and built-in Bose sound system.


That night I felt like I had wanted to watch “Serendipity” again and again, it wouldn’t have bored me at all. 



4.   Art meets people who loves art


Waldorf Astoria Beijing owns numbers of masterpiece paintings, and it was simply a joy for me to walk around to take a look at each of them serendipitously. 


Art does not express anything but itself. Walking into this hotel brought me to the same feeling I experienced upon entering a hall of a private collection of an art gallery. Silence prevails, serenity soars, and styles stand out. If this hotel were an art piece, it would have been fine art. Fine art takes us not too long to appreciate and admire but lasts long and deeply in our mind.


The stunning painting as a centerpiece on the wall grabbed my attention when I first arrived the hotel. The lady looks mysterious and made me want to find out more.


Although I don’t produce awesome art piece I love art, with all my heart, because I am who I am because of the art and it is always there for me when no one else was. Art was the only way for me to run away without leaving home.

I do photography as a hobby and I consider it an art. My definition of art is not about how popular it would become, but rather about self-expression stemmed from my heart and soul. It’s about how honest I am with myself.


To me, true art doesn’t look for anyone to admire; it happens by serendipity—at which point beauty and a pair of keen eyes meet. At Waldorf Astoria Beijing, two contrasting elements seem to intertwine or move in parallel within its ambiance and substance. They only await serendipity to happen.