So this is not the first time I met this girl on the rooftop. I didn't manage to speak to her at first. As when I am on the rooftop, I tend to keep it low-key and don't really speak much especially with the stranger. Basically I do my things. Enjoy the view, get my body and mind blown away and of course take photos.

Perhaps it's meant to be? Could it be serendipity? I'm not sure but for the second time I met this girl on the rooftop again, I asked her.. "Oh you enjoy roofing too?"

"Who doesn't" She replied.

That moment I was stunned with how she answered, deep down I know rooftop is not for everyone but I can feel the connection between us now. If I ever bump into a situation like this and if anyone ever ask me the same questions, I would also reply the same thing. 

I got back home. Showered. Listening to music and now blogging. I think of her. Think of what she said and now I thank her in confirming with me that I am not the only one.