Final Raj & cctv-2.jpg

It was 4 pm on Saturday. I was about to leave as I didn't wear enough clothes. It was freezing as the wind was way too strong. In fact, I want to chill out with the splendid CCTV view a little longer but blame it on the weather...

That very moment when I was about to grab my camera bag, I felt like something was hitting right into my eyes and then I started to slowly see the sun shines through the gap of the CCTV building. It was beautiful and I went totally speechless because I had no words for it.

After a few seconds when I put myself back together, I told my friends... Steven and Myron. Hey, look at that!!, I need this shot. I was looking for my camera without knowing I was actually holding it.

Some of you may be questioned why I had to be that excited? It may be meaningless to you but it does mean a lot to me. 

To me, I always relate the sun to "HOPE" - as long as there are lights, there must be a way out. We all live with hope and hope moves us forward to what we want in our life. 

"We don't remember days, we remember moments",

and this would be another moment I would remember and keep it close to my heart. I believe in an unexpected moment like this so I seized the moment. I got the shot below and I am just so happy with it. 

And thank you Steven (@miro_zhe), my friend and rooftopping mate for this wonderful shot of mine. 

Final Raj & cctv-.jpg