Beijing has never been seen as a clubbing city. Those bars and nightlife entertainment venues are crowded into one area and I am not a big fan of clubbing, to begin with. 

So weekend night, it is rather me at home alone doing my website or hang out at my friend's place for home-cook dinner and most of the time followed by a movie. Besides that, recently I started to explore the city at night time and indeed Beijing offered me a different perspective. 

It is indeed a big city but I don't know I feel so safe, to the point that I can almost call Beijing as my second home after spent 5 years in the capital. 

I once read on a magazine... "A night in Beijing is much safer than a night in Paris" I couldn't agree more and the longer I stay in the jing, the more I like it. 

Put yourself out there at night, try to go to new places, find the spot that you like, that some shots. Who knows you may like Beijing even more!