I am going to begin this article with the following sentence.

“The Great Wall of China is the world’s most unmissable travel destination and it should be on everyone’s bucket list”

For those who have been to the Great Wall must know what I am referring to. For those who haven’t and those who doubt, let me walk you through the journey of 13,000 miles and 5 major reasons why you must visit the Great Wall of China once in your lifetime. The Wall is indeed a good place to start your journey towards understanding it.


1.     Reflect

The Great Wall is made with a combination of stone, brick, wood, sand and other materials. It was built across the northern boarders of China to protect the ancient empires against the enemy raids. It is such an extraordinary construction. I mean completely a man-made construction. Think about the engineering intelligence – and we are talking about 2,000 years dated back in time. Can you imagine how the worker managed with the construction planning and its logistic when there is no group chat on WhatsApp for the workers to communicate? Everyday thousands of workers were needed to move the stone from the mountain area up to the Wall. What about the supply chain, seasons after seasons, labor camps, people management and etc. Can you reflect this to the tribal loyalty, fear, willpower, dedication, sacrifice and endurance that was all made up to save the Kingdom?


2.     Realize

As I have conducted a self-research, read more about the history and visited the site for several times, I am able to slowly connect and realize why the Great Wall was built. Starting to understand their underlying values and misconceptions helps to bring all pictures into places. Nevertheless, to me, the history of the Great wall will forever be a never-ending sort of self-learning. Just like everyone of us, we learn as we go.


3.     Measure

Now that I have realized the formation of this enormous workmanship, I asked myself how should I get up there to appreciate every brick and mortar of the Wall. Can I challenge you to hike up to the Wall? Most people would just take the cable car up and ride back down with the wheeled toboggan. However, if you are ready to measure your physical fitness, try hiking up and this will definitely bring your Great Wall experience a complete expedition.


4.     Capture

The Great Wall of China is one of the most exciting, memorable, breathtaking and picturesque excursions you will ever experience in China. The view from top of the Wall or even from the Wall itself, afford many opportunities to practice your photography skill. And since a site is often photographed, now it is a true challenge for you to capture a variety of fresh and creative angle from the Great Wall.


5.     Linger

What happened at the Great Wall doesn’t just stay at the Great Wall; the memory lingers on. What makes every trip worthwhile and more valuable itself is not the destination or its journey, but rather the fact that we can share it with others. The post-trip experience forms an essential element of any journey and this is where and how storytelling skill begins.