There is no WI-FI in the middle of the mountain,

but you WILL-FIND a better connection

On the Road
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One of the free elective courses I took when I was in college was "Psychology", and I still remember that time when I had to recite the 5 basic human needs (Maslow's Hierarchy of needs) for the exam. 


1. Physiological Needs

2. Safety and Security

3. Social Needs

4. Self-Esteem and

5. Self-Actualization


For a lazy student like me. It was a pain in the ass having to memorize all those. It was boring but after all these years, I slowly came to realize that the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. 


At the end of the day, I am just that guy who is on this search trying to figure out exactly who I am, what I have to say to people and where I am at in the pyramid of the Maslow's. Lucky enough I can simply ticked-off number one, two and tree - but the four and five. Sometimes, just sometimes, I doubt.


There are days that I felt like I have high self-esteem, but then the next day all those feelings were just disappeared out of the blue. For all that, I tend to believe that it's not just me who is going through these ups and downs. "Nothing Lasts Forever" just like the feeling and I think that's the easiest lesson we all learn the hardest way. 


Beside our feeling, Wi-Fi signal doesn't last as well. It can be strong, weak or no signal.

Wait, no Wi-Fi signal? Interesting enough, some people that I know refused to go places where there is no Wi-Fi or data. No offense but I am very uninterested to find out "why?"


I can't help it but relate back to the Maslow's theory; since when internet secretly becomes one of the basic human needs? That didn't include in the pyramid that I know. I admitted it sometimes I feel awful when my cell phone went flat, no data or Wi-Fi that I can't connect to but I will never allow that reason to stop me in exploring new places and get closer to the world. 

Let's wander in Sapa-1041.jpg

Your phone has already replaced your camera, your calendar, your alarm clock. Never let it replace your opportunity in roaming the world.


Let's wander where Wi-Fi is weak!


Yes, Sapa is that place. Perhaps it is because the town is located in a high land - 1,500 meters above sea level in Vietnam's remote northwest mountains, Sapa is famous for both its fine, rugged scenery and also its rich cultural diversity. Sapa is an incredibly picturesque town that lies in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in northwestern Vietnam.


When in Sapa, definitely you don’t want to miss an amazing hiking experience. Without any hesitation, I registered myself for a one-day hiking. The journey covered 3 tiny villages; Lao Chai, Ta Van and Ta Phin village. 


I booked a tour one day in advance at Sapa Tourism Center. It costs USD 20. Conversely, I don’t mind if they would like to charge more. Why?

The activity starts from 9 am until about 5 pm. Lunch included. To me, the most festinating part was that – there were 6 local hill tribes went with the group and that’s how I get to understand Sapa better. They are very chatty and at the same time helping pave the way as of course it was not an easy road for a so called “urban” person like me.


Ta Phin village is a great way to get outside of Sapa, as it is quite easy to discover so you might bump into the same foreign face you have been seeing in the café the night before.


Lao Chai and Ta Van village are the two villages that have spectacular hiking trails. You will get to see a splendid mountain scenery and walk through traditional village and their surrounding rice paddies. First of all, you come to Lao Chai which is a village of Black Hmong ethnic people. You will also be caught up their daily life and how to make their traditional clothes and get to understand what they do for a living. Other than that, you have a chance to visit the biggest valley which offers to you the best views of the golden rice terrace field in Vietnam.

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Moving forward to Ta van, this is my favorite village. A village of Giay people, it is a small group of ethnic people living in Vietnam, they still preserve a rich and traditional culture. You will enjoy the lunch with a local family in one of the magnificent traditional houses located on their rice paddy fields.

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I have a really hard time trying to conclude this article but this is how I want to wrap it up...

Don't let anyone stop you from what you wanted to do. With or without Wi-Fi, with or without fear. Do something that makes you smile. Take chances. Stay out late. Go for the person you're in love with. Stand up for what you think is right. 

Laugh all the time. Stay confident. Have amazing friendships. Dance like noone is watching. Blast music as loud as you can. Be yourself, sleep late on the weekend. Wake up early on the weekdays. Try new things. Take amazing pictures. Make great memories. Always remember that the people who judge you aren't worth it. 

Live your life to the fullest.


Because you only live once...

Raj Eiamworakulon the road